Retired Racehorse Research


In 2015, the Commission endeavored to locate all New York-bred Thoroughbreds that raced between 2010 and 2012 and haven’t raced anywhere since, with the ultimate goal of identifying the size and scope of the issue of retired racehorses in New York State.


The Jockey Club graciously provided the Commission with a list of such horses, including the date and track of their last race of record.


Of the 3,894 Thoroughbreds that fit the criteria, the Commission has been able to locate 1,871 horses (approximately 48 percent).

Of the 1,871 horses:


Of the 2,023 unknown horses:


As this research is ongoing, the Commission welcomes any information on the location and status of these horses. Please email with the name of the horse(s) and which of these categories best fit each horse's circumstance: