Gaming Commission

Guidelines for Operating Casino Nights

A casino night reference guide consisting of operational highlights designed for authorized organizations, municipal clerks, and chief law enforcement officers.

  • Obtain an ID Number by filing Form 1A (Application for Registration and Identification Number) with the Board. (See Part 4601.)

  • File license application Forms GC-2, GC-2A and GC-2B in triplicate with the municipal clerk, along with a check for $25 per licensed period.

  • Obtain a License (Form GC-5) from clerk, which must be posted in the gaming area during all licensed periods.

  • No person shall participate in the management or operation of any game of chance unless he/she has been a bona fide member of the licensed authorized organization for at least one year prior to the date of such license period.

  • Casino night profits must be deposited into a Special Games of Chance Checking Account the next business day after each licensed period.

  • Forms GC-7 and GC-7B must be filed with the municipal clerk within seven days after each licensed period, accompanied by an additional license fee equal to five percent of the net profits, payable to the municipality, or county fiscal officer.

  • Authorized organizations must establish and enforce strict internal controls in order to ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. It is recommended that each applicant attend a Board Charitable Gaming Training Seminar immediately following the filing of its 1A Registration.

  • A licensee shall conduct casino nights only with equipment which it owns and which is marked with its name and identification number; leases from a licensed games of chance supplier, or leases from another authorized organization.

  • A licensee must ensure that a sufficient number of members-in-charge have been designated to ensure that at least one member-in-charge will be present for the entire licensed period occasion, per Part 4622, Section 4622.1.

  • Except for merchandise wheels and bell jars, no series of prizes during any licensed period shall aggregate more than $400 for each single type of game of chance when the licensed authorized organization conducts five single types of games of chance, and no series of prizes shall aggregate more than $500 for each single type of game when five single types of games of chance are conducted. during any one license period.

  • No single wager shall exceed the amount designated for each type of game set forth in Part 4620, and one or more signs specifying the maximum wager shall be displayed in each playing area.

  • Persons under 18 years of age may be permitted to attend games of chance license periods at the discretion of the games of chance licensee, but shall not be allowed to participate in the operation or play of any game or games of chance. One or more signs restricting participation of persons under 18 years of age shall be prominently displayed in each playing area.

  • No licensee, its members or agents, shall cash any check out of games of chance funds or extend credit to a person to participate in the playing of any games of chance.

  • Beer may be sold and consumed during the conduct of games of chance in games of chance premises.

  • Not more than twelve license periods can be conducted per calendar year.

  • A licensed authorized organization CANNOT use members of an auxiliary to assist in the conduct of a casino night unless the auxiliary obtains an ID Number from the Board, and the membersí names are listed on Form GC-2A, or on a license amendment Form GC-6.

  • Each casino night worker must wear an ID badge bearing the name of the licensee, the memberís name, address, signature and photograph reflected upon such. There is no other standard badge requirement. A second form of ID must be provided by each worker, upon request.

  • Casino night workers CANNOT play casino games during the licensed period they assist in, nor purchase bell jar or raffle tickets if such are sold.

  • No fewer than two members shall be responsible for counting casino night proceeds. Participation by additional members is highly recommended.